The Morning Briefing: Judging Trump on the Judges Edition


Reality vs Feelings

Today’s Briefing will be a bit lighter than usual, due to some growing pains-related technical issues I will discuss in a bit.


the Great Republican Splintering of 2016 quickly evolved into three camps once President Trump got into office.

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One was filled with those who were on the Trump train from the beginning. These were people who were probably on their third MAGA hat by the time the election rolled around.

Then there were the Never Trumpers. The harbingers of doom who linked arms with the Democrats to assure us that Donald Trump posed an existential threat to the United States of America.

The third group may be the largest of the three: These are people who were initially Trump skeptics but have been willing to praise the good and shake their heads at the bad. I’m in this group. One of the things we have in common is that we are surprised at how much there has been to praise.

Trump’s greatest legacy will be his reshaping of the judiciary, which Tyler wrote about yesterday. POTUS himself is rightfully proud of his accomplishments with the judiciary:

Liberal judges are activist judges. They seek to accomplish via judicial fiat what Democrats can’t achieve legislatively. They’ve been a plague for years, just like the late Robert Bork warned us they would be in his book “Slouching Towards Gomorrah.”

Trump’s infusion of constitutionalist judges into the federal judiciary is a wall of sorts, a barrier keeping activists judges from reshaping American society according to the whims of fringe progressives. It may end up providing more security for America than the border wall, at least for a generation.

This issue has been what is causing the ever-worsening divide between people like me and Republicans — or former Republicans — who are still avowed Never Trumpers. They blather on about their principles, continually disparaging Trump because he doesn’t fit their constipated Capitol Hill Club image of a president.

The reality is that, in overhauling the federal judiciary, Trump has done more in three years for conservatives and Republicans than Bush 41 and Bush 43 did in twelve.

But hey, they were nice guys.

A quality I’ve never cared about in a president.

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My cousin Kevin turned me onto this guy recently. I was listening to him all day Wednesday during the tech fun and I thought I’d share.

I rarely dream of farm animals.


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