A Typical High School Tells a Larger Story: Schools Are Now Dominated by the Feminist Agenda


Recently, my wife Janice posted a video in her Fiamengo File series about an Ottawa school, Brookfield High, that had launched a ManUp campaign, complete with posters targeting males as prone to evil and females as innocent victims. “Judging from the displays,” she states, “Brookfield High goes out of its way to make girls feel welcome through positive messaging; boys, in contrast, are set apart to be lectured and shamed about male evil.”

The poster above, which reads When you stand back and watch evil, you’re standing by it, “strongly reinforces the grim mood…The clear implication is that this boy…WILL encounter ‘evil’ at his school—not amidst the slutty girls who tempt him…but amidst the other boys who will supposedly do bad things to girls and condone violence.” The only way to be good, she summarizes, is for boys and men “to deny their own needs and to accept that their sex is uniquely responsible for evil. What a warped message for this school—and many others like it.”

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After the video appeared, the posters mysteriously vanished and many of the first comments were subsequently removed. The school was taking no chances. But the initial response from many quarters was entirely predictable: indignation, insults, a cacophony of supercilious righteousness from the self-appointed arbiters of cultural rectitude. Of the critical comments originally posted, a significant number emanated from the school population (including an offended mother), of which only three, all from boys, seconded Janice’s observations. One had no doubt of the damage done by the school’s ManUp program, writing:

Statistically speaking, a woman is pretty safe in general, and the majority of boys/men are not going to harm women (the same cannot be said the other way round). To advertise that women are in peril and boys need to constantly be better enforces a false narrative between the genders.

A former student was even more emphatic:

While they selected students for the ManUp projects, what about the drug onslaught that plagued the school? What about the Child porn found in the washroom? Brookfield was a horrible school …I needed help with my math not on how to treat women. The school was filled with gang members … Thanks for nothing.

He was also deeply troubled by the corps of “Syrian” refugees in the school.

A third who obviously resisted his teachers’ indoctrination wrote in partial support of the video’s argument:

As a student who goes to Brookfield I agree with everything said in this video, the amount of female empowerment is ridiculous … They are okay all the time and nothing is ever wrong but boys oh no It’s just you should ‘Manup’ There is even more things than there were in this video like … how all girls should feel entitled to jobs like being a scientist, all just because they are a girl. There is plenty more.

This boy panicked after making the post, fearing he would be singled out and subjected to harassment by his teachers and fellow students, that is, by those who promoted the anti-bullying campaign. He contacted Janice, who immediately had his name scrubbed. (The video was briefly taken down, revised and re-posted to avoid similar complications.)

These comments were the exceptions. The majority of male students generally contented themselves with sanctimonious expressions of their superior virtue and understanding, such as:

  • This girl [i.e., Janice] and her followers have to be some of the most below average people I have ever seen … Stay in your lane or stay at home it’s clear to everyone that you can’t handle life.
  • You people are a bunch of sheep…This woman is taking something the students have created and is smashing it.
  • Janice is a cynic.
  • What kind of crack are you on?? How dare you slander an entire school?

They had obviously drunk the Kool-Aid served up to them by their teachers, seeing themselves as harboring latently evil instincts and tendencies that needed to be monitored and controlled. The indoctrination to which they had been submitted clearly took. Females, however, are regarded as a threatened species, vulnerable, oppressed, weak, in desperate need of “safe spaces,” and possessed of a kindlier, more peaceable and ethical nature than the army of toxic males who presumably menace them at will. They are good, men are evil.

Yet the only threat of actual physical violence came from a female student. Calling Janice “an old annoying hag” and advising her to “Fu*k right off,” she writes: “If I ever see you in public I will NOT hesitate to clock you.”

Nice. The irony is inescapable, a perfect expression of the disingenuous and vindictive psychology of feminism which encourages a socially acceptable form of hatred and bigotry. Masculinity is plainly a pathology. Femininity will never clock you.

What we are remarking is a kind of knipperdolling rhetoric that has found a welcome home in the schools. John Grimfeld in The Sage Senator Delineated (1660) described knipperdolling (after the 15th-century sectarian Berndt Knipperdolling) as pertaining to a “Committee of Safety…who were a rude rabble of Factious, Illiterate, Phanatick, Disloyal Rebels…the very merdaille and excrementious offscouring of the Nation.” This is what our education establishment has become, a haven for schismatic purveyors of the most abject nonsense, the “offscouring” of the most toxic movement of our time, knipperdolling feminism. Brookfield High is everywhere; almost every school on the continent is now dominated by the feminist agenda.

Anti-male discrimination begins early on. As retired Anthropology professor Philip Carl Salzman writes, “Feminists have championed females, and seen males as negative, when not evil….Is the only ‘good male student’ the one who acts like a girl?” But as we’ve noted, “acting like a girl” is not always what the cliché implies, seeing how girls tend increasingly to act the way boys were reputed to act.

Most feminists with whom I’ve had some contact strike me as very stupid people. They are also distinctly malevolent. When stupidity and malevolence join forces, manifesting as a nuptial couple for the age, the consequence can only be destructive in all the walks of life. It begins in the schools and ends in the culture. As Calvin Coolidge is reputed to have said, “the world is full of educated derelicts.” The world is now filling up with miseducated derelicts enslaved to the matriarchy, thanks to the feminist curricula rooted in the pedagogy of the West. Education is the future, goes the mantra. But it is a future from which we may never recover.

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