‘Lock Them Up’

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http://www.wowogallery.com/vf8cf8d6tt7 I was never a big fan of the “lock her up” chant, but it always struck me as the equivalent of Boston Red Sox fans chanting “Yankees suck” during a mid-May game against the Indians—a rallying cry and trope rather than anything more sinister. Now, though, we have some serious calls to lock up political opponents and not coming from amped-up crowds, but office-holders. A bunch of House Democrats have called for jailing Bill Barr—“we should be putting people in jail” is Rep. Gerry Connolly’s considered view—and Sen. Richard Blumenthal wants to jail Don, Jr. if he defies his subpoena. At least some of the Left’s obsession with the investigations of Trump has been driven by the fantasy of seeing him frogmarched from the White House. Now, the same sentiment is being transferred over to others, especially Attorney General Bill Barr who is the scapegoat of convenience so long as Democrats don’t think they can move directly against Trump.

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