Trump Was Able to Weather the Worst of the Storm Thanks to His Incredibly Strong Constitution


Donald Trump is one of the most constitutionally sound presidents ever to hold the highest office in our republic.

We’re talking here about physical strength and mental and emotional endurance. He’s been diligent about defending our founding documents too, but what we’re talking about is the ability to constitutionally withstand the most vicious and relentless opposition to a U.S. commander-in-chief in American history.

From that standpoint, whatever your opinion of the man, Trump is one tough customer.

Sean Hannity has said—to paraphrase here—that most of the politicians or people in positions of power that he has known would have buckled under the kind of Deep State, Democrat, Democrat-media, and Never-Trump attacks Trump has been subjected to. What’s worse, most of the hostile fire he’s withstood has been based on damnable lies.

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The president’s physical exams have detected no sign of serious health issues. His capacity for work and perseverance seems indefatigable.  A search of “Trump has the flu” produced one item, a satire, in the New York Times. I was unable to dig anything up about Trump having the flu, bronchitis, or even a bad cold. He likes fast food, so it follows that something about acid reflux would have surfaced by now.

Backstabber Omarosa Newman voiced concern-troll qualms about Trump’s “Diet Coke habit” to anyone who would listen — before she and her reality show resume fell to inextricable obscurity.

At campaign and post-election rallies, the president appeared and still appears as fit as the proverbial fiddle. He keeps going, like a certain battery-operated rabbit now enshrined in the Advertising Hall of Fame. His voice rises, falls, becomes intimate, then roars to a boffo conclusion. He offers the signature phrases, “This I can tell you,” and “Think of it.”

Just thinking about what his adversaries have thrown at him is enough to make the average person sick. Collusion, obstruction, misogyny, racism, accusations of shallow ignorance, terminal boorishness, and to-be-determined unethical business practices. They’ve castigated his wealth while at the same time intimating that he is not nearly as wealthy as he claims to be.

They’ve blamed him for Obama-era child cages — when in truth it was Trump who ended the policy — and spuriously attempted to strip him of his economic accomplishments by asserting that Obama was the architect of the Great American Recovery.

They’ve gone after his wife and children in ways no president has ever had to countenance. The supposed funny-men and women of late-night and cable, bolstered by braying laugh tracks, have body-shamed the president, riffed mercilessly on dishonest portraiture of him in salacious sexual scenarios, and exalted a prostitute—admittedly a pre-presidential mistake—and her demonic lawyer to cast shade on his family life.

They have thrown the kitchen sink: treason, arraying against a president who won by the rules an apparatus of Deep State Armageddon that it’s hard to imagine any president, even the great Ronald Reagan, surviving.

But no comparison to other presidents hold. There has never been resistance like this, never been a nefarious plot like the one hatched against him. That’s what makes it so difficult to criticize Trump from the right, even with respectful and ostensibly constructive criticism.

The alternative is just so, so much worse.

The president is physically strong, that fact is incontrovertible. But what about his mental health? Even stronger. Notwithstanding the phoned-in psychoanalysis provided by a gaggle of hysterical liberal shrinks who never got within a White House fence of the man they were psychoanalyzing, President Trump’s marbles are present and accounted for, as demonstrated by his ability to absorb an unprecedented level of oppositional vitriol, his smart policies for the nation, and his unflagging efforts to keep America wealthy, strong, safe, and great going into 2020.

Unfortunately for the haters on the left, Trump has drawn them out; they’re the ones who appear to have a monopoly on madness.

Now, with Mueller shelved, president-watchers are noting a renewed spring in Trump’s step. He has survived the attempted takedown, but the assault must have weighed on him. He complained at times. Unlike President George W. Bush, he fought back. He has found it necessary to step back from announcements, proclamations, and tweets. He has brought good people into his administration, and less effective people too.

As he often says, “I’ve never done this before.” He is not a politician. But he has persevered against all odds in his quest to be a leader.

With Mueller shelved for all but a few desperate Democrat cave fighters, there is every possibility that President Trump has weathered the worst of the storm. The Southern District of New York investigation and other probes are scavenger hunts that will drag fruitlessly into Trump’s second term. Tax returns? Who cares? The Cohen/Avenatti/Stormy Daniels angle? Give us a break.

The reactionary resistance will continue, its propagators exhibiting a sickly single-mindedness that evokes the wiles of ravenous jackals unable to bring the Cape Buffalo down.

But the worst is over, and everybody, especially the Hate-Trump left, knows it. In the wake of everything, from the standpoint of Trump’s physical and mental well-being, the state of the presidency is constitutionally sound.

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